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About New Song Network Church

The Beginning

In 2009 an idea was born. The idea was to simply meet for worship once a month prior to moving into a coffee shop to establish a new church congregation as part of the ministry of fresh expressions of church and reaching our local community with the good news of Jesus. The first session was set - to meet in the coffee shop at Bold Street Methodist Mission on the fourth Sunday of the month at 7pm. The capacity of 40 would be enough to accommodate the anticipated 20 people we expected to attend. That night we had to move, 65 people turned up, and New Song Café ​was born. Now years on we are still in Bold Street with 170 people meeting for monthy worship and praise. This growing sense of community created other activities too.

Discipleship evenings started the same year. Meeting once a month on the second Sunday of the month at Latchford Methodist Church we study, worship and pray together.  Themes over the past years have covered such subjects as Methodism, Pastoral Care and Change, brokenness, Peter & Jesus, Paul the Apostle, Lent and Israel, Palestine an ongoing conflict.


Having said all of this about the Warrington context of New Song Network - it can be replicated elsewhere. "New Song Network" can become a connecting point for other New Song Café events.

New Song Network Church

Due to the development of New Song and the attendance of many who recognised this was their singular expression of church a new community was formed. Discipling and nurturing is an important aspect of our growth together and after sometime we realised that the community had developed into its own church.  A vibrant lay leadership team, missional activities, rites of passage, sacrament, sacrifical giving and a devotion to the aims of New Song and the Methodist Church led us to proposing in February 2014 if New Song Network could be the newsest church in Methodism. Agreed at the circuit meeting, endorsed by the Liverpool District Synod the church was formally commissioned on 22 June 2014 by the Superintendent minister, District Chair and Connexional Fresh Expression Missioner.
Fresh Expressions of Church (FX)

To find out more about Fresh Expressions please visit the Fresh Expressions website. You can also find out more about New Song there with a recent update.

Our Liverpool District Website also has a video on the work of New Song Network.


New Song Cafe - November 2012 - word document attachment

New Song Network - March 2013 - word document attachment

24th February 2014 New Song Network became a church in the Methodist Church. Find out more here.

Commissioning of NSN as a church June 2014: report here.

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