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Prayers, Thoughts and Feeds

In our worship we create images and other items which enable us to focus on God's love.  

Here are two crosses we have made: one from strips of torn coloured paper and the other from our fingerprints.

The torn paper cross is now used as our logo.


For information on how these crosses are made see the Worship Ideas  page.


At Easter 2018 we extended this idea at the Easter Egg Hunt to ask all who came to that to make an egg shape - symbol of new life.

A New Song Prayer Chain based on email is run.

If someone wants others to pray for a situation, whether it is a celebration or for someone in need, they email to the list and the request is sent to everyone who has signed up.

Some people also use Facebook for requesting prayers.

​If you would like to join the prayer chain or submit a prayer request please email here. Thank you


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