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"He put a new song in our hearts" Psalm 40:3

The Church exists to increase awareness of God's presence and to celebrate God's love - Methodist Our Calling Priority

New Song Café

New Song Café began in 2009. The idea was simply to meet for 6 months prior to moving into a coffee shop.  Using music as a core the proposal was to meet at Bold Street Coffee shop on the fourth Sunday night of the month at 7pm. That first month in January 2009 65 people turned up and the gathering moved in to the hall at Bold Street.  7pm on a Sunday night is not the ideal time to meet for those who work or have young families and meeting in the town centre for some (we were told) wasn't great. Yet people came and still do.

Those attending Café come from a variety of places and churches - it is truly ecumencial. Some come for a top up to their exisiting church attendance,  others attend because New Song Café has become their church and in June we became an official church "New Song Network Church". Others come to learn new songs to take back to their home churches and others to explore how they too can set up New Song Café in their home environment. Nearly all come because the cake is absolutely delicious.

The format is as follows:


Tea, coffee and cake are served upon arrival. The first half starts with 5 songs then a break for more coffee and cake then 5 more songs. Of these 10 songs 1 or 2 will be new songs. Interspersed is video, drama, prayer and a thought for the day. Communion and prayers for healing have all been part of the New Song Café worshipping menu. Each month the songs we propose to sing are published on our Facebook page and, where available, YouTube links accompany them. This gives those attending a chance to listen first. The evening starts at 7pm and finishes at approx 9pm.

 With the growth of New Song we have outgrown the hall at Bold Street and New Song  Café is now in the church sanctuary area. It is all very exciting!​ working in collaboration and partnership with Bold Street and the Methodist Circuit we purchased chairs, screens and projectors to enable the move from the hall to the church sanctuary and to allow the flexibility of multi purpose worship. 


Window blinds have been installed along with a fantastic lighting system in the sanctuary area.


The month's songs can be found here.


Top 12 songs for 2012 - 13 can be found here

Top 12 songs for 2013 - 14 can be found here

Top 12 songs for 2014 - 15 can be found here

Top 10 songs for 2015 - 16 can be found here

Top 10 songs for 2016 - 17 can be found here

Top 10 songs for 2017 - 18 can be found here



New Song Breakfast began in November 2011. It takes place on the 3rd Sunday morning of each month at Bold Street Methodist Church. Beginning with breakfast at 9am it is followed by a 45 minute act of worship which is informal and inclusive using music, drama, discussion and visual media to convey the theme and message. This worship is relevant for all ages and an increasing number of families are coming to Breakfast. An activity - focussed on the theme - is prepared for our younger attendees.


We say it begins with breakfast and this includes either a continental-style breakfast or bacon or sausage butties (veggie options available) and copious amounts of coffee or tea.


In 2012 Breakfast worship aimed to develop the understanding of the Methodist 4 Our Calling priorities and what they mean in the everyday life of attenders. From this our Community Action Team developed and support for Kiva established - all showing our commitment to service. 


New Song Breakfast

"Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker." Psalm 95:6

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