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Worship Ideas - some of the things that have worked for us
If you would like to use these in your worship please contact us

Cross - for all ages

You will need: Polystyrene sheet/Paper/Canvas painted black

Coloured sheets of paper cut into strips (A3 and A4) size

Glue PVA

Spredders and Plastic cups for the glue

Table to put the canvas on

We used this idea during a communion service. After people had received bread and wine or a blessing they were invited to stick a piece of coloured paper onto the canvas to form a shape of the cross.  This could be done in any size.

Very moving - the canvas was lifted high for all to see after the prayer after distribution uniting us all at the foot of the cross.

Cross - for all ages

You will need: Paper/Canvas

Green and Black ink pad


Table to put the canvas on

Used during worship we encouraged worshippers to come and leave a finger print to form the shape of a cross - black ink inside the cross and green for the grass. What an amazing opportunity to focus on our uniqueness and  the power of the cross for each individual.


Mr Worry - for Younger Ages

You will need: Flip chart Paper/Canvas

Red Wool/ Card board ring to make pompom nose

Blue pieces of paper - pre cut and ripped
Black round paper (eyes)
Glue PVA or Pritt Stick
Spredders and Plastic cups for the glue

Table to put the paper on

A simple idea asking our youngsters to make Mr Worry as we discuued at breakfast what concerns us and causes us worry. Whilst the adults and teens engaged in discussion the children made Mr Worry (pre drawn on the sheet beforehand) sticking the blue paper into the shape. The pom pom nose was passed around throughout as all made it. All contributed to the prayers by writing the names of individuals or situations of concern around Mr Worry.

​Advent Boxes

You will need: 5 same sized boxes - ( we used packing boxes from a removal firm)

5 tins of matt paint (bright colours - yellow, green, blue, pink and yellow worked for us)

1 tin of black ink

Letter templates

Duct tape

Paper towels
Bin bags to put you rubbish in and a bottle of White Spirit may be of use.
Newspapers to line tables when you paint on them

48 hours to include drying time

We used these boxes during Advent changing the words on display each week to help with our focus for worship.

There are 5 boxes which can spell out a variety of words: faith, love, light, peace, hope, joy, life, live and possibly more. If you want to make something like this for your Advent/Christmas worship these are the letters you need on each box:
Box 1: C H Y
Box 2: G V O A
Box 3: I E O J
Box 4: F P L H
Box 5: T E
This also provides you with blanks for the shorter words.



Handy hint - from experience don't use gloss paint!

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