New Song supports efforts to combat global warming and climate change both in our church activities and as individuals

There’s Always Something Going On!

Here you will find changes to the set pattern of our worships and meetings, additional information about them as well as other events.

May - July

There are a number of 1st Sundays that are bank holidays so we have had to make some changes of dates for NSK

8th May (not 1st)

12th June (not 5th)


Make flowers in any medium - sewing, knitting, card, clay - then on 15th May we will be leaving them in various places with a message of HOPE.

See the FB page for further information

We will receive donations at any of our events for:
Food Bank
Toiletries, cleaning items, bags and egg boxes are also required
Room at the Inn
Warm clothing, toiletries, snacks, bottled water, shoes in good repair
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